Our Story

Spitz started as a small family business where all the attention was put on the seeds we made. Every part of our process — from finding the right seeds to how we pack and deliver them — screams quality.

Meet Our People
Rosendaal Family
Jake and his family have been growing Spitz Sunflower Seeds for years. He painstakingly toils the soil and inspects the plants from the moment they go in the ground to the moment they leave his farm. And to be honest, we wouldn’t want it any other way.
Meyer Family
Ben and his wife are new to the Spitz family. From the moment we met them we knew they were the type of family farm we wanted to be associated with. Their attention to detail is second to none and they treat our seeds like they are part of their family. Which they are.
David Shields
David is the manager of the plant that brings the Spitz seeds to hungry people across the United States. He knows the process inside and out, and even lived on the grounds for years. If you get a chance, ask David what his favorite flavor is, and he will say, “All of them.” Now that’s the type of plant manager we want.